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What Are Microgreens, Exactly?

Microgreens were first introduced in the 1980s and were popular throughout California restaurants. Over the years, these aromatic greens have definitely become more popular across the country and the globe.

But what exactly are microgreens? They’re typically micro-sized herbs or veggies that are very rich in flavor, and many also feature bold, vibrant colors to add visual interest to a wide range of recipes and salads. Microgreens also have a higher nutrient density, making them an extremely healthy option for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Most microgreens grow to be between one and three inches tall and are considered to be somewhere between a sprout and a baby green. Sprouts don’t have leaves, but microgreens do. The stems and leaves are edible, and they can be eaten whole or chopped up, and you can keep them alive until you’re ready to harvest them. You can also grow these amazing little plants outside, in a greenhouse, or on a sunny windowsill.

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