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Microgreen Seeds

What Can You Grow From Microgreen Seeds?

In recent years, microgreens have gained popularity among farmers, vegetarians, and nutrition enthusiasts. At our microgreen farm, we grow a wide variety of amazing produce that’s not just delicious, but also extremely healthy and beneficial. If you’re interested in buying microgreens, what exactly can you grow? Read on to learn more about what you can find at our microgreen farm and what types of plants you can grow in your own home and garden.

●     It might surprise you to learn that there are microgreen seeds for peas! These peas taste very similar to regular-sized peas and have a nice, sweet tinge similar to snow peas. Chock-full of healthy vitamins, microgreen peas can support a healthy cardiovascular system thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.

●     If you want to add a spicy crunch to your favorite salads and recipes, give radish microgreens a try. With a pleasant peppery-like flavor, they’re similar to regular sized radishes with just a bit milder flavor profile.

●     Chock full of vitamin C, broccoli microgreens are slightly bitter but they’re a great way to support a healthy, robust immune system.

●     Add unique ingredients to your salad with dandelion microgreens. Full of calcium, iron, and potassium, this fresh food is low in calories and has a mildly bitter flavor with broad, flat leaves.

●     Try something truly unique by growing sunflowers with microgreen seeds. With a delicious nutty flavor, this plant has the flavor of raw sunflower seeds, but a texture that’s similar to spinach.

●     Give your favorite foods a zesty boost with mustard microgreens featuring a sweet-hot mustard flavor that packs a more powerful punch than traditional mustard greens.

●     Add microgreen beets to your food for a mild, spinach-like flavor. These microgreens have dramatic purple stems and bright green leaves, and they’ve got more nutrients than traditional mature beets to boot.

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